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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Google+, a flop?

As some of you may know, Google+ launched in July on an invite only basis. Google's third take on the social media market quickly exploded to 25 million users in less then three months. Investors and competition alike were on their heads.  Google's new take on the social media market was to "make connecting to people more like interacting with them in the real world". Another attraction that interested people was google's take on privacy. Unlike competitors Facebook and Twitter, Google+ offers an array of privacy settings that lets you choose who sees what and who cant see anything.
But already, Google+ is reporting a 40% decrease in concurrent user activity. Less posts are being made each day, more users are going inactive. The head of the Google+ is reportedly "well aware" of just how quickly things can go down the gutter in the internet business. Im thinking Google still has their two other Social media failures on their mind (Wave and Buzz)
In my opinion, Google is going at it too hard. With all these new features and settings, its going to leave the layman in the dust.  The reason Facebook is such a monster and has a monopolistic grip on the market is because of its simplicity. G+ is just trying way to hard. The average user doesn't want to jump thru hoops just to do their social networking. not only that, but EVERYONE is already on Facebook. Nobody wants to be apart of a social network if you cant be social and make a network.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Im Back!

Hey everyone! I've been gone for a sizable amount of time. My PC happened to break (All 5 of my RAM modules blew, apparently my MOBO was bad) and while scrambling for a new comp i was registering for classes and getting my new job sorted out. Now im back and ready to get bloggin'. Theres been alot of interesting things happening in the game world as well as  the political  world, so look forward to some interesting posts ^^