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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Google+, a flop?

As some of you may know, Google+ launched in July on an invite only basis. Google's third take on the social media market quickly exploded to 25 million users in less then three months. Investors and competition alike were on their heads.  Google's new take on the social media market was to "make connecting to people more like interacting with them in the real world". Another attraction that interested people was google's take on privacy. Unlike competitors Facebook and Twitter, Google+ offers an array of privacy settings that lets you choose who sees what and who cant see anything.
But already, Google+ is reporting a 40% decrease in concurrent user activity. Less posts are being made each day, more users are going inactive. The head of the Google+ is reportedly "well aware" of just how quickly things can go down the gutter in the internet business. Im thinking Google still has their two other Social media failures on their mind (Wave and Buzz)
In my opinion, Google is going at it too hard. With all these new features and settings, its going to leave the layman in the dust.  The reason Facebook is such a monster and has a monopolistic grip on the market is because of its simplicity. G+ is just trying way to hard. The average user doesn't want to jump thru hoops just to do their social networking. not only that, but EVERYONE is already on Facebook. Nobody wants to be apart of a social network if you cant be social and make a network.

Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section beelooowww <3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Im Back!

Hey everyone! I've been gone for a sizable amount of time. My PC happened to break (All 5 of my RAM modules blew, apparently my MOBO was bad) and while scrambling for a new comp i was registering for classes and getting my new job sorted out. Now im back and ready to get bloggin'. Theres been alot of interesting things happening in the game world as well as  the political  world, so look forward to some interesting posts ^^

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DoTA 2!

Streaming all day live from GamesCom

For those of you who dont know Valve is currently hosting The International, a tournament show casing Dota 2 to the eSport community. The prize pool is well over 1.6m USD, with first prize being 1M USD. All the best DoTA players have been invited to GamesComm Germany to duke it out and show off Dota2 for the first time ever.

The game looks amazing so far. love the style and the smooth interface. The calming announcer and the spell casting noises sound good to me for some reason too. Anyways back to watching, might write an after tournament report.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dragon Nest - My Experience and Semi review

Recently i picked up an MMO called Dragon Nest, which i never would have known existed, but my friend happened to mention it on vent and the way he described it got me interested. Firstly, what is Dragon Nest?

-Dragon Nest is a 3D Anime-Styled Action MMORPG. It is published by Nexon and currently in Open Beta for North America. Combat is over the shoulder, 3rd person action style where all skills must be aimed. The game is set in the world of Lemuria, where you adventure takes place. Dragon Nest Features 4 base classes, Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Sorceress, and 8 sub classes (2 sub classes per base class). -

Now, ive played MMO's on and off for quite a while (Ultima Online, EQ2, DAoC, AoC etc)  and usually i really HATE the anime style cartoony half cel-shaded half pixelated crap, but there is something about Dragon Nest that just makes me love it. First off let me say the combat is ALOT of fun. its really refreshing to have to aim your skills in a 3D environment. Smashing off combo's and whirling around in dungeons just hasn't gotten old yet (Current i play a warrior :3). Given, i have only played to level 10, but i have no intentions of stopping. Here's a comprehensive list of what i think is good about the game so far and what i think people might consider bad:

-Fast paced action oriented combat (This is what makes it unique and fun as fuck)
-4 classes, each branching out later into 2 separate sub-classes
-Each class has a unique play style
-Quests have depth and meaning, so it feels like a Traditional RPG
-Dungeons are fun and can be very challenging
-Dungeons are never the same, via the games random dungeon generation
-Combo system makes for flashy kills and twitch reactions
-Fleshed out guild system
-Free to Play
-Nexon promises nothing game breaking sold in cash shop

-Some might be turned off by the Anime Cartoony style
-Gold spammers. Lots of them. use low pop channels until the block feature is fully fleshed
-Open beta for another 3-4 weeks
-No PvP yet. Reported that it may come "Soon" or at the end of Open beta
-Run by Nexon (Some people have issues with them personally ive never dealt with them)
-HackShield (again some people have had issues with it)
-Classes genderlocked

Can't really think of any more bad things to list for it. My personal recommendation would be to give the game a shot, as you have nothing to lose (Free2Play) and if you dont like it its one click to remove it. If you do decide to play hit me up on Argenta (east) server, my addy is Vorbaine and Novain (probably more alts to come). In parting here is some PvP videos from the CN version (Cant fucking wait for PvP)

(From WCG 2011, id recommend turning the sound down the japs give me a headache)
(Top PvP'er Swordsman in China showing his sick combo's, he makes it look over powered)
(random SwordMaster pvp)

(Acrobat PvP. Sub class of Archer. Showing sick combo's. Skip to 0:40 for the fight to start)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beet Root

Today folks i bring you a cool website i found called Its sort of like SwagBucks, except less effort is required. Basically you leave your browser open to generate "beets" which are spendable points that get you rewards. You generat 25 beets every 5 mins, which is roughly 10k beets in 2 days at 24/7. At 10k beets you can get an itouch 64Gb or a PS3. The website is invite only and i have 3  invites left. Dont fret, as whoever signs up under my link gets another 5 referrals. If you use a link here please post your 5 invites in the comment box. Enjoy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

What i think of the US

I would put this into all my own words, but i think Mr. carlin says it the best.
I think everything he says is spot on. I postulated this myself  many years ago but its good to see someone else who thinks the same exact thing talking about it. Our country is currently being pillaged and raped by these corporations. They have no interest in you or me, only their wallets. They plan to dissolve the middle class and separate the poor from the super rich even more.

Whats your opinion?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Its saturday and i dont know what to write so heres some god damn cats.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My thoughts on LoL: Dominion

First of all if you haven't yet check out the official announcement from Riot
Im an avid League of Legends player and my initial reaction to this was "Awesome! Finally some solid content! And all the Riot hype from this week said it was going to be released this week!" Then it quickly turned into "Oh great more Soon(TM) bullshit". Now to defend riot, they did say its tentative date was after PAX Prime AKA Aug 28th. But if you know Riot, that could all very well be a load of crap and this could just turn out to be more Soon(TM) Vaporware. I mean just look at their promise history: Magma chamber was promised back in Sept. 2010.. Observer mode... graphics update.... Stealth rework... Replays.... All Soon(TM) crap that never came through.

Bashing aside, the game mode does look fun. It sort of sounds like a rip from one of BloodLines Champions game modes, but from the (very short and not detailed) video it does look fun and unique. I am excited to see it in full detail and try it out when (and if) its released.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm sure most of you are familiar with the music craze that is Dubstep (Altho i would not classfiy skrillex as dubstep but thats just what hes referred to). Skrillex is one of my favorite artists and his recent explosion onto the scene has been phenomenal, with concerts selling out everywhere and albums selling like hotcakes.  

I have been listening to Skrillex for about 1 1/2 years, but as i said just recently he's been gaining ALOT of popularity. I feel kind of mixed. Im obviously excited he has the money and fame to be sucessful and continue to produce more music. But when i see all the hipsters  and tools listening to him i sort of cringe. Not to mention im worried he will just churn out brostep just to turn a profit off the new audience he has attracted.

Do you guys like Skrillex? Whats your opinion on Dubstep and the electro genre?

Welcome to my new blog

Hello guys and gals, this is my new blog. This is going to be about pretty much everything that interests me, including, but not limited to, Video Games, Internet News, My life, Relationships, politics, living as a free lancer, monetizing techniques,  space, high res backgrounds, cool/funny crap,  art, drinking, and more! Ill try to post daily.

Oh and heres a cool picture (Astrology/Astronomy is my hobby)